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Notable though is her care for the street dogs as well. What she loves about dogs and cats? Well… to begin with, D. G, spelt backwards is G. I also love the senseless things these canines do, like chasing random cars and laser lights! I love the way they knead your belly when super content. And I love the way they literally push me out of bed and the way they stare fixedly at you and meow back if you talk to them.

To be successful in rescuing and rehabilitating dogs and cats.

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Nina Joshi. Latest From Life Cancer patients need custom exercise regime. I am from out of town and the Board President of my local animal shelter in Ohio. I have always wanted to visit a cat cafe and this one was Purrfect. We ordered some baked goods and a beverage and after eating we then proceeded to the cat play area. They were all very social and loved to rub up against you, jump on your lap or just play with you and of course some slept. All of them are adoptable. I loved the cats here and the staff was very friendly here and at the cafe.

I bought a shirt and am considering making a donation so they can have more toys or beds for the kitties here.

Some day I would love to have my own cat cafe in my area. Hello and thank you so much for your pawsome review! The Orlando Cat Cafe was 22 months in the making and we tried very hard to make it "purr fect"! Thank you for visiting and for your kind words! We hope that a Cat Cafe comes to Ohio in the near future! We found this by accident and my 9 year old is obsessed by all things animal especially cats so we had to come here.

It's basically a coffee house divided into two.

The Axam entrance is the coffee shop part and has a window where you can view the cats from. It has a separate air conditioning system so that it's suitable for people with cat allergies and hygiene reasons.. All children under 12 need supervising and there are restrictions on when they can come. I received different advice from the website, Facebook and also their recorded message.

They are closed on Mondays although the coffee separate entrance is open. We came between 4- 5 on a Weds which is family colouring time and there is a separate 1 - 2 pm slot Sundays for families. Once inside the cat area there are about 10 cats all different ages - difficult to say how many as there's a cat flap so there's a fair bit of coming and going. These cats are up for adoption. You can fuss the cats but not pick them up. There's plenty of cat toys to get their interest as well as areas for them to snooze. We found our hour flew by. Although there are helpful rules both explained to you and on display our visit was marred by a rather exuberant child who was rough with the cats as his parents looked on.

Would recommend as a fun way to while away an hour or so.

We were staying in a villa in Davenport so we're thrilled this was just round the corner. If you go to the Fleamarket there is a flyer with coupons on merchandise and coffee. Also if you have 14 drinks 15th is free! This is a new business and thoroughly deserves to succeed. Thank you Sarah for taking the time to leave us such a comprehensive review!

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We appreciate your kind words and look forward to seeing you again! Their website states they have special times set aside for children to visit and during the rest of the time, only 12 and over are permitted. This is not true. During my visit, a woman came in with her two toddlers who immediately started screaming and running towards the cats, scaring them and ruining the calm environment.

Extremely disappointed. Hello Courtney and thank you for taking the time to leave us your thoughts.

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I am sorry that you did not have a good experience on your recent visit. The health, being and safety of our feline residents is always our number 1 priority at The Orlando Cat Cafe which is why we have several rules in place such as not handling the cats, no flash photography etc. Sometimes even the most well behaved child can get very excited when they see all the cats and perhaps that is what happened during your recent visit. Again - this is not the norm which is why we do have designated children's times.

We hope that you will give us another chance. I came here with my boyfriend in January we had a lot of fun playing with cats and enjoying coffee!

Thank you Sarah! We appreciate your pawsome review and look forward to seeing you again on your next visit to Orlando!

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We have visited the Cat Cafe many times and we always enjoy it. A nice menu of many different coffee drinks, teas and desserts in a comfy cafe. You can view the cats through a window, pay to go in and play with them and you could apply to adopt a kitty. This is a great combination of my favorite things. We appreciate your patronage and your kind words and look forward to seeing you again soon!


I love that this is located next to Axum coffee. We ordered our drinks and then headed in to our reservation in the cat play area. After a brief check in process and rules we got to go in to see the cats. It was the afternoon so many of them were napping but there were still a few that wanted to play.

Their adoption rate is wonderful and what a better way to look for potential adopters than to have them play with the cats. Thank you so much for your pawsome review and for your kind words.

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We couldn't agree more with your sentiments about potential adopters. Thank you again and we look forward to your next visit! Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Cart 0.