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Other testing was to gauge performance like the solar test panels. Still other testing was just for the hell of it - to see if it all worked once put together. Check out the movie clips! Assembly Once we had finalized our design, manufactured or bought what parts we needed, and taken one or two practice swings on some fabrication methods, it was time to actually build the robot.

At this point, the construction and assembly of the robot is complete.

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Manufacture There were many parts, particularly in the drivetrain assemblies that we needed to manufacture ourselves. It couldn't do much - the legs would walk, causing the arms to swing. But by the late '40s, the tin tykes had spread from Japan to the US, earning a spot in toy history alongside teddy bears and fire trucks.

Probably something like the Mobots. In Hughes Aircraft unleashed these industrial machines for use in hazardous material sites - teleoperators controlled the snaking appendages. Alas, like the Spruce Goose, they weren't financially viable. The next year Barnett gave the hulking android a best friend: a robotic dog that seemed to bark and sit in response to Elektro's commands. Each s-Bot is fully independent, but get a bunch in a room together and they'll form a chain to carry heavy payloads or bridge obstacles. Kinda like ants on roller skates … in a conga line.

Think again. It's actually an advanced piece of robotics that won't fetch a tennis ball. Introduced in , AIBO is one of the most sophisticated toys on the market. It can find its docking station, recognize its owner's face, and respond to voice commands. RB5X It hit store shelves in , and this first-ever mass-produced home robot kit is still sold today.

RB5X can be programmed to speak, navigate a room, and perform such simple tasks as retrieving small objects. Of course, its real claim to fame was as a sweet prize on the '80s videogame quiz show Starcade. Carried on a soldier's back, it can be tossed into a building or under a car, where it will assess the situation or maybe just be blown up. First deployed in Afghanistan in , it's now on active cannon-fodder duty in Iraq.

But he really gets in gear playing hide-and-seek with a schoolboy. The giant eventually achieves robot enlightenment, realizing that he controls his own destiny even if that means head-butting a suborbital nuclear weapon. It's a classic example of how robots - like all technologies - are neither good nor evil, just tools of circumstance.

Robots that turn into giant trucks - way cool. Robots that turn into giant trucks and command a fleet of autobots - now that could change pop culture history. Such was the impact of the Transformer when the toy line was introduced in , spawning decades of TV shows, movies, and comic books. Not impressed?

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You would be if it were The contraption was a hoax inventor Wolfgang von Kempelen stashed a human chess master inside , but it sparked early debates over what it means for a machine to think. Completed in by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the first fully independent underwater scout can dive down to 15, feet, map thermo layers and collect water samples, then swim home on its own. They must have been reading very utilitarian fiction - their creation was a 4,pound arm that stacked sheets of hot metal.

But it transformed the assembly line; a variant is still in use today. Well, that and the desire to combat rust. Not bad for And hey, how many other robots sing and dance with Judy Garland? He settled for a mechanical duck that pooped. The machine used a weight system to quack, flap its wings, drink water, and eat grain, which it would digest mechanically and expel through an opening in its backside.

Out of a long line of assassin bots, the Terminator is the perfect blend of indestructibility and determination.

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With him, James Cameron personified what we really fear about robots: They'd do better without us. The US military's famed unmanned aerial vehicle became a household name in after taking flight in Afghanistan. Now armed with hellfire missiles, it no longer just monitors enemies - it blows them up, too.

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She danced topless, incited riots, and sparked duels, but what really got her off was overthrowing the ruling class. No wonder she inspired every vision of an android for the next 80 years. In , Tohoku University's Kazuhiro Kosuge debuted a series of ballroom dancing androids, complete with fancy dresses. They can predict the movements of a partner, enabling them to follow another dancer's lead. And they're klutz-proof: There are no toes to step on. Grey Walter's mechanical tortoises from the s were the first fully autonomous electric robots. Programmed to seek out light and to turn if they ran into an object, they could find their illuminated charging stations, even if something was in the way.

When that doesn't work out, Gort teaches us what happens to those who eschew harmony - they die. Oh the irony that a machine must remind us of our humanity. One problem: The characters that gave a title to all robotics weren't actually, you know, robots. NASA's Personal Satellite Assistant possesses none of these things; instead it uses small fans to propel itself through zero gravity. Perhaps as soon as , these assistants will hover over an astronaut's shoulder, serving as an all-in-one PDA, videophone, and air monitor. The Lego kits come with programmable blocks that animate all manner of dinosaurs, vending machines, unmanned planes - whatever kids, or more likely their parents, can dream up.

R2-D2 R2-D2 and C-3PO - the Abbott and Costello of space - may be the most popular robots in history, but it's the littler one that really steals the show. Sure, C-3PO could walk and speak 6 million languages, but R2-D2 proved that robots can be emotive without being humanoid and don't need to speak English to communicate. A pipsqueak. Before Honda's much-hyped biped was touring the world, there was P2, a 6-foot, pound prototype.

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Unveiled in , P2 possessed most of Asimo's walking skills - including the ability to climb stairs - making it, as Honda puts it "the first self-regulating, two-legged humanoid walking robot. This collaboration between roboticist David Hanson and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is more likely to give you nightmares than a unified field theory.


But it's the best combo to date of bipedal movement and realistic facial expression. Under development by the Navy since , this security robot uses microwave motion detectors to search, say, a hostile building for enemies, sending out its insectoid companions to look in dark corners. Alas, its barrels hold only rubber bullets and darts. In , they introduced Wabot, the first full-scale programmable android.

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It had eyes, flailing limbs, and the ability to speak Japanese. The next rev, Wabot 2, played piano. How about bug bots that can learn? In , Rodney Brooks' lab at MIT created this six-legged walker, which taught itself how to scramble over boards and other obstacles. The secret: Allow each leg to react to the environment independently and you won't need to program every complex step. Pressure sensors in the shoulder attachment detect minute fluctuations in Aird's muscles, activating motors that control the arm's movement.

Eat your heart out, Lee Majors. An foot-tall robot that can rip cars in half and lift 1,pound slabs of concrete.