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Her essay detailing alleged physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her father, titled "The Monster," appeared in the late journalist Tim Russert's final book "Wisdom of Our Fathers" and outlines how she came to terms with his abuse while he was on his death bed. Blanton said the only way to overcome pain caused by an instrumental figure in one's life is to forgive, but the definition of that word is often misunderstood.

Both Blanton and Friedman said forgiveness is about relieving oneself of resentment. Blanton finds that when a person forgives they no longer take action based on feelings of revenge, anger or fear, but instead make decisions based on their own character. Mothers of sex offenders share responsibility, burden of label. Friedman said that without taking the proper steps to grieve and let go, pain can become part of one's identity. It will create the illusion that you've done something valuable for yourself," Friedman said. Resolving that pain comes down to a key phrase: "I remember the time that you did this, and I'm not going to let the memory of that event hurt me anymore.

There are ways to describe a person of dubious character after death without blasting them in an obit, according to Andrew Meacham, the chief epilogue writer for the Tampa Bay Times.

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A killer in the family. Meanwhile, trying to console a person who has experienced a loss is tricky -- especially if the relationship was contentious. Above all, Friedman recommends being mindful of the words you use. Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. AnabelleNgopWest Follow. Published in: Education. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views.

I used to sing on the praise and worship team, but I no longer have any sing left in me. I feel no desire to utter the words of songs that once moved me. I am heartbroken, as a huge piece of me is missing. Human father failed me and I relied on God. I had breast cancer and other health issues and through all of it, felt God had his hand on me.

What kind of cruel joke is it to leave a 50 year old woman on this earth who raised her children but to allow her son to die in front of his 3 children?

My name is Teresa, not Job. But, despite the faith that was instilled in me from an early age, I find myself not doubting as if having less of belief, but believing in more…like God is love is a spirit is in so many things and places…in anyone, anything, and anywhere there is the unifying lifeforce, energy, spirit…. I hate being judged by others who may see me as having less faith. What if, by believing both in the miracle of Jesus, AND believing in something beyond Jesus, I have not less faith, but more faith? I lost my world my wife of 38 years only 5 months after retirement!

But something had other plans and she was diagnosed stage 4 lung to brain cancer and in only 2 months after diagnosis she was gone! How the hell am I supposed to be with God after this? I have left him and the church. I tried for weeks after she died going to church. It was pointless- I was as alone as I am in our house we bought for retirement.

I trudge through it and every day in agony. Its been 9 months and all I grieve is my loss and my desire to join her. I dont know what I think anymore. But for my wife a devout God loving Catholic a true angel in her life-nothing but good all her 62 years to have been taken from this world? Now I sit alone in misery-she was my life. What God?

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If you took her and all I was asking through her illness was simply take me too-why not? Why leave me here to grieve what I have lost? The worst is to not die first because it leaves you with untold years of agony. My Dad died young at My Mom lived to Dont tell me this is my fate! Could you please tell me in what state of grieving you are now? This is an entirely selfish question, because I simply have no answer for you. However, I would like you to know that my father is in a similar position.

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He is an 80 year old man who is suddenly about to lose his wife of 54 years having been in love since they were 13 years old to lung cancer that has quickly metastasized to her brain, breast, and lymph. He is absolutely broken and in denial. I am a teacher who cannot even imagine being center stage after my mother passes, therefore I quit my job and am caring for my mom on hospice…but it is almost more difficult to try to figure out how to be there for my dad.

I would really appreciate any response. I am truly sorry for your loss and for the timing that must feel absolutely unfair. Thank you for your time. I hope you have found some small grain of peace in your days.

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I must say that I know how you feel. I lost my 19 year old daughter to murder in Before she passed, the question if God exist and many other thoughts that I now have never existed. Now, it is an everyday question, everyday thoughts. On top of dealing with the grief of loosing my baby, there is no justice for her murder. It is an ongoing investigation. I am so lost and confused with life. Like you, I tried going to church a few times after it happened but I could not do it. It was not the same. Giving praise and being told I have to forgive, and hearing those phrases as mentioned in the above passage….

I am so lost…. Gary, Our circumstances are very similar as well as pur thoughts about the untimely passings of our loved ones. My beloved and planned and dreamef of a second honeymooned retirement reliving our youthful loving dreams.. That did not happen this New Years Eve. I opened the door and smiled as i saw a romantic dinner made, a vase of beautiful red roses. I ran through the house excitedly calling his name with no answer. Finally the moment my world was slowly dying as I gasped not wanting to frighten him as he was dying, lying on the bathroom floor, paralyzed on his right side trying to say something to me.

He later passed from a massive stroke. No one will ever understand the way we feel suffering such uncomprehensible pain. Pain that never leaves, ever present, and at times drives one ti temporary madness. I grieve with every beat of my broken heart. Look to the future?? I have no future these days Just awaiting my time to hopefully see him, only then will I be truly happy. No matter how it feels to you, someone asking when you are coming back, or moving on while you are grieving, is not necessarily wanting to hurt you, or thinking only of themselves.


They may not know what else to say. They may be wanting to distract you with work or whatever. Several people were killed. Many others were injured. No one is suggesting or has suggested that the people and things and animals lost or injured during that time should be forgotten. There are permanent displays honoring them and those that helped for the months and years afterwards. You can get stuck in grief. I have always battled with God on this bc how can he love me when I am in such pain? I am sick of hearing that. I have had a series of bad relationships filled with abuse- some of it even being my parents ignoring it all- and my sister dying just seems like another kick.

I know my sister is in heaven, out of pain, etc etc but where is God in the aftermath? I cannot move on bc I am traumatized. I need some explaining, answers, sense! Verses are not enough to calm me down, take my pain away.

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I want to but it feels like a mock, a lie. My dad actually told me it was a sin to still be grieving before a year had even come!!!! But- So- I am sinful, I am wrong?

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  • A complete lack of understanding and open, honest communication. If he is there already- good, but I am not. It is not right for him to dictate how the rest of the family grieves. This hurts as much as my sister forever being gone does. Its always on his terms and any differences are wrong. Sinful is a strong word. I feel he meant it strongly, to put me down to stop me, and it did, but it didnt stop my thoughts… It does damage.

    I feel overwhelmed with sadness and this just adds to it. On Monday, February 25, my sister was violently hit by a 24 year old little girl making a left turn while my sister had the light, was in the crosswalk, with the right of way. I am struggling with grief and sorrow over things I never had…. Grief over my only sibling, a sister who has never wanted anything to do with me, even though I craved a relationship. I married someone emotionally absent that led us through a chaotic lifestyle with job changes, moves, financial stress and hardships.

    The stress and pressure continued throughout the years. I have grief over the time and joy that was robbed from me. I just long for peace and rest, and for what is coming after this life. To me it seems that this world is all about death. If you think about nothing can live without something else has to die to sustain it. What kind of God could have created such a place. With so much in my heart i am here to express myself on how Dr. Myself and my husband were having some misunderstanding and it was tearing our marriage apart to the extend my husband was seeking for a divorce. So i have no option than to go to the internet to seek for solution to my problem it was there i came across Dr.

    I contact Dr. Now myself and my husband live together in peace and harmony all thanks to Dr. I so needed to read this to understand my conflicting emotions. My mother passed away 3 weeks ago, and I sensed that the pastor was admonishing me for lack of faith when I exhibited grief at her funeral. I have been questioning my lack of faith since. My mother was so faithful to her God, and knew absolutely where she was going. Makes me feel as though I have betrayed her memory. My ex husband passed away at 47 of a heart attack a few months ago.

    We were married for 20 years and he is the father of my two sons, ages 21 and The pain of watching my children suffer has been the hardest thing in my life. I am also very sad. We were not getting along at the time but he was my first love.

    I have not moved on even after many years of being divorced. I had children to raise and no time to date. I wonder if anyone else has gone through this. I feel so alone in my grief because he was my ex. My sister who was 6 years older than me was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour last April.