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King Guardarfia welcomed them all, and they settled on the beaches of Las Coloradas, where later the diocese of Rubicense would be established. Bethencourt returned to Spain to get reinforcements leaving Gadifer de la Salle in charge.

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The conquest began and with it the tyranny and abuse of the conquerors. Really, it means 'descendent of Tenerife'. However, today the term is used to refer to native islanders from all the Canary Islands. Guanche is also their language, lost a little after the conquest, leaving only a few words and terms that are still used today.

According to history, they were strong, tall and with beautiful features. They lived in the Neolithic age and their way of life was pastoral.

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They had a king named 'menecey' or 'guanarteme', they were pacific, and embalmed their dead, worshipped only a single god, they had laws and, therefore, judges. Brave, noble and lovers of liberty. They preferred to die before losing their freedom. The society was one in which the women married three men. The native islanders wore goat skins. They ate meat that they conserved in salt, fish, gofio, butterfat and cheese that they also give as an offering to their gods.

The native islanders were fishermen and farmers who led a peaceful life, apart from the constant pushes by European explorers, who, as they came from Europe, came across Lanzarote first. The conquest of the Canary Islands lasted about a century. The island of Lanzarote was the first to be conquered by the Norman expeditions under the protection of the Norman knight, Juan de Bethencourt.

It seems to be that ancient civilisations had knowledge of the existence of the islands, although these facts are not entirely clear. I think I'm enjoyable to be with. I fall for girls very easily. It's been my downfall because I make it so obvious when I like a girl. I might get a bit clingy. I want a girl version of me! Someone as mad and crazy as me. I'm not normal and I think the people who make Love Island know that, so I'm hoping they'll have found a girl who's not normal, who'll be a good match for me.

I'm a little bit different to everyone else. At the end of the day, it's a competition. I'm there to find love, yes, but I'm also there to win. And if I have to step on someone's toes to do that, then I will do! I actually am going to find love! I live by my means.

The whole experience to be honest. The whole experience will be totally new to me and I think I will enjoy it. I want to get in the villa and see what comes from it. The opportunity to meet different girls from different environments. My dream girl would be a nice height but not taller than me.

Someone who is going to make me laugh, confident and not too over the top — someone sweet to be honest! So personality wise bubbly, intelligent or somewhat intelligent, good sense of humour.

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I just think I look different to all of them. Tall, dark and handsome — which is what most of the girls have said they are looking for.

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  • Bikini islanders still deal with fallout of US nuclear tests, more than 70 years later.

Here the cast discuss the appeal of the second series. Damian Lewis: Spy Wars.

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Is it a true story? Star Trek: Picard: When is it released? How to watch in the UK. Grand Tour season 4 specials: When is it released? Where are the specials filmed? Everything you need to know. Jeremy Clarkson gets solo farming show on Amazon Prime Video. By Alex Fletcher. Love Island is back for a third series of fun, frolics and red hot singletons on ITV2. I love getting up on the table and having a good dance!

What is the appeal of Love Island for you? How would boys describe you? What is your dating reputation like? What sort of guy do you go for? But he has to be clean cut, wearing something like a white shirt with jeans, or all black.

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How would you describe your dream girl? Well I was approached to do it and thought yeah why not just go for it. What kind of girl are you hoping to meet? Love Island airs every night at 9pm on ITV2. Print this story. Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd shows off results of his hair transplant. Remarkable true stories. New on BT TV.

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