Guide Living a Safe Universe: A Book for Seth Readers

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I'll post a new entry periodically hopefully at least once a month , and those of you on our email list will get a heads-up when one appears. The layout you will see below is temporary. But for now they will be posted as we do with Seth World News, one after the other in one long presentation.

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Living a Safe Universe: A Book for Seth Readers

Oh, another thought. If you're on Facebook, do drop by Lynda Madden Dahl, my page. Although FB isn't really a good, thorough venue for it, we're hoping to explore some of Seth's ideas there, certainly some of his quotes.

At the very least, we'll be sharing ideas and friendship with other Sethies. Newer Posts Older Posts Home.

An introduction to Jane Roberts and SETH

Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Who is Seth? Seth is a energy personality focused in the non-physical, who was channeled by Jane Roberts and recorded by Rob Butts her husband. Consciousness and Spirituality Dr.

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Seth Speaks Seth Speaks The Seth personality described himself as an "energy personality essence no longer focused in physical form" who was independent of Roberts' subconscious, although Roberts herself expressed skepticism as to Seth's origins. Lynda has a positive genius for presenting Seth and Jane s pioneering ideas vibrantly and in a crystal clear format.

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Katharine Andrews, Ph. The Seth Material is the most comprehensive, detailed and awe-inspiring overview of reality available, and Lynda is far and away the leading scholar, lecturer and interpreter of the material. In this third book of her Living a Safe Universe series, she takes us behind the logic of creation, to reveal how it all comes together and how we can apply this knowledge to stop creating out of fear and, instead, live in a safe, loving and supportive universe.

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All Seth readers owe Lynda a huge debt of gratitude for this timely and profound insight into the Seth Material. Lynda has once again demonstrated that she has masterfully grasped the complexities of the Seth Material. She makes a difficult job seem easy! I thoroughly enjoyed having my mind boggled and my world view once again expanded by reading it.

Thanks, Lynda, for helping to keep this vitally important material alive in a world that desperately needs it. Lynda shares her deep understanding of this in this book, using as one of her main building blocks the fact that our universe has safety constructed innately within every conceivable point and person. Indeed, safety beckons for our participation at every turn of the page as we explore the amazing power of our immensely personal reality—the one we create right Now.

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With careful attention to detail, she walks us through the mechanisms of our perceived universe to explain how this is achieved. Leader in Me eBook. Log in Remember me.

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