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They are piano miniatures among the most well known and most beautiful of Chopin's works. The genre of the piano nocturne was created by the Irish composer and pianist John Field , to whom Chopin referred. The nocturne, perfectly suited to the mood of the era, evokes with its very name romantic images of the night, the moon, and all the shades of lyrical and dramatic expression associated with them. Its poetry is shaped by an atmosphere of intimacy and reverie.

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Works for piano adhering to this idiom were written by Clementi , Ries, Szymanowska , Kalkbrenner , Schumann and Liszt , among others, but it was Chopin, above all, who raised the nocturne to the pinnacle of poetry, becoming its most celebrated master. He composed nocturnes over many years: the first date from and , the last from , or even-taking account of a different dating-from to Eighteen nocturnes were published by the composer in the following opuses: 9, 15, 27, 32, 37, 48, 55 and There are also two nocturnes not published by Chopin: a Nocturne in E minor disputed date of composition and a short Nocturne in C minor.

Finally, the Lento con gran espressione , in the key of C sharp minor, is also traditionally classed as a "nocturne".

Although they evolved in line with Chopin's style, the nocturnes possess a number of constant features. Elmas continued to compose, writing many character pieces, including waltzes, mazurkas, nocturnes and impromptus. This publication marked the transition from triplets of nocturnes to contrasting pairs.

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The nocturnes numbered 1 to 18 were published during his life, in twos or threes, in the order of composition. The service of matins was structured in three nocturnes, each with three readings and responsories. His major piano works also include sonatas, mazurkas, waltzes, nocturnes, polonaises, tudes, impromptus, scherzos, and preludes, some published only after his death.

Dutilleux describes the piece as a nocturne -like work. Both pieces are in the form of easy nocturnes. The nocturne is reflective in mood until it suddenly becomes passionate near the end. Now it offers many facilities such: 1, seats, modern scoreboard, nocturne , dressing rooms, showers gym.

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The outer sections are brisk, surrounding a central nocturne. Translations of nocturne in Chinese Traditional.

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