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The overall effect is to take heat Q 1 generated by burning a fuel to make steam, convert part of it to do work, and exhaust the remaining heat Q 2 to the environment at a lower temperature. In other words, the work done for each complete cycle is just the difference between the heat Q 1 absorbed by the engine at a high temperature and the heat Q 2 exhausted at a lower temperature. The power of thermodynamics is that this conclusion is completely independent of the detailed working mechanism of the engine.

It relies only on the overall conservation of energy, with heat regarded as a form of energy. In order to save money on fuel and avoid contaminating the environment with waste heat, engines are designed to maximize the conversion of absorbed heat Q 1 into useful work and to minimize the waste heat Q 2. While reducing friction in an engine decreases waste heat, it can never be eliminated; therefore, there is a limit on how small Q 2 can be and thus on how large the efficiency can be.

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This limitation is a fundamental law of nature—in fact, the second law of thermodynamics see below. Info Print Print. Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback.

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Thank you for your feedback. Introduction Fundamental concepts Thermodynamic states Thermodynamic equilibrium Temperature Work and energy Total internal energy The first law of thermodynamics Heat engines Isothermal and adiabatic processes The second law of thermodynamics Entropy Entropy and efficiency limits Entropy and heat death Entropy and the arrow of time Open systems Thermodynamic potentials Gibbs free energy and chemical reactions Enthalpy and the heat of reaction Thermodynamic properties and relations Work of expansion and contraction Equations of state Heat capacity and specific heat Heat capacity and internal energy Entropy as an exact differential The Clausius-Clapeyron equation Concluding remarks.

Load Previous Page. The first law of thermodynamics The laws of thermodynamics are deceptively simple to state, but they are far-reaching in their consequences. Read More on This Topic.

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Lacking experience, training, and in some cases even weapons, the army is scarcely equipped to repel Bethod's scouts, let alone his elite forces. In the heat-ravaged south, the Gurkish are massing to assault the city of Dagoska, defended by Inquisitor Glokta. The end is coming.

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His oldest friend and his oldest enemy. With too many masters and too little time, Superior Glokta is fighting a different kind of war.

A secret struggle in which no-one is safe and no-one can be trusted. First Law 3 books in series.

A Map of Joe Abercrombie’s First Law Series | Atlas of Ice and Fire

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