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The perfect cupcake for every occasion. Swirled and sprinkled, dipped and glazed, or otherwise fancifully decorated, cupcakes are the treats that make everyone smile. They are the star attraction for special days, such as birthdays, showers, and holidays, as well as perfect everyday goodies.

In singular Martha Stewart style, the pages are both stunning in design—with a photograph of each finished treat—and brimming with helpful how-to information, from step-by-step photographs for decorating techniques to ideas for packaging and presenting your cupcakes. As useful as tables are, it's less hassle at least for me to put an open book on the counter and see the full recipe along with the instructions at one glance especially if you have your hands stuck in the dough Yes, most of the recipes run for more than two full pages, but it's still an experience of a "live", real book in your hands over an electronic one.

Perfect as a present for all aspiring bakers - both professional ones, as well as those baking only in their home kitchen. Dec 10, Bill Marsano rated it it was amazing. She's B-a-a-a-a-a-ck! I met her once when we happened to be seated together during a swank corporate lunch at a fancy restaurant. There was a basket of really nice-looking crusty bread on the table, and I deftly snagged a piece. I dropped it like a hot rock. Now, he Bread book well-established, she's back in print and meticulous as ever with these odd pages of recipes.

Most are for cakes [butter and oil cakes, cupcakes, sponge cakes, cheesecakes and more; pastries, pies and tarts; and cookies and candy; others are for breads and yeast pastries; all are precise in every detail. And the measurements are given by weight in grams [the more precise way to measure] as well as by volume. Then there are all those wonderful tips--use brown butter for chocolate-chip cookies!

Cut cheesecake with dental floss! Lower the heat when using glass pans! But take warning: I don't know what it is about the appeal of alliteration, but there are at least a dozen other books on the market calling themselves 'baking bibles' in one form or another. Make no mistake: Rose's 'Baking Bible' is the one that has the status of holy writ!

His breads come out well but his pizzas are mostly shaped like Australia. Comment Looking for voting buttons? Sorry, we don't let customers vote on their own reviews. Jan 12, Erik Waiss rated it really liked it.

The Baking Bible

I want to give this 5 stars, but it's just not quite there. I also feel weird reviewing a cookbook, it's not like you actually "read" it for a plot. Mostly I just flipped through, read all the "stuff" and then glanced at recipes for mental cataloguing in case I want to make something later. But there is a lot of "stuff" here outside the recipes that covers technique and her history and so on.

I gotta be honest, this book looks and feels very good. Thick and very heavy paper, full color, the works; but I don't think I'm going to use it as much as the Bread and Cake bibles I already have. There just aren't that many recipes based on the size of the book as her previous offerings. This seems more of a "Greatest Hits", which isn't wholly accurate since none of these recipes appear as is in her other books.

However, if you've never read one of her cookbooks and you're interested in the subject matter, I could not recommend it more. Definitely a fine starter and overall a very beautiful addition to the cookbook shelf. Jan 17, Beth rated it liked it Shelves: culinary-queue , i-love-bread. My first impressions and thoughts about this book. Food porn! Holy cannoli this book has gorgeous photographs of cakes and pies!

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Having never read or looked through any other books by this author, she is beyond finicky. One of her recipes, the Renee Fleming golden chiffon sponge cake took 17 trials before getting the perfect texture. Which leads me to my final observation. This book is WAY out of my league. I would l My first impressions and thoughts about this book. I would love to have the skills to replicate the recipes in this book but I know myself too well. Epic fails for sure. So, I will browse and read the descriptions and gaze longingly at the scrumptious photographs.

I may jot down some tips and tricks. Then, I will return to the library so that others may be tempted. Jul 05, Tania rated it liked it. I had the particularly interesting experience of having prepped both the in-process and the final results for Rose's demo at the Hot Stove Society when this book was initially published, as well as having received a signed copy from she and Woody. That being said, I've read through and tested many of the recipes and frankly found them less than stunning.

The chocolate bread pudding in particular was underwhelming; it has both the flavor and texture of soggy Cocoa Puffs. I applaud her methodical a I had the particularly interesting experience of having prepped both the in-process and the final results for Rose's demo at the Hot Stove Society when this book was initially published, as well as having received a signed copy from she and Woody.

I applaud her methodical approach to things she certainly deserves her title of most meticulous baker , but I find that many of her recipes in this book simply lack the "wow" factor I've come to expect from her cookbooks. It is by no means a BAD cookbook, just that as many other reviewers have said, I found few of the recipes appealing. Dessert bible This is a cookbook of dessert recipes. Cakes, cookies, even the bread recipes are for sweet bread items. This is not a savory cookbook.

That said there are many recipes I've seen nowhere else, this book is a good value at over pages. Feb 21, Jenni Link rated it really liked it. So you don't really read a cookbook, but I am enjoying this one a lot. I like baking but am really not very good at it, except for quick breads and cookies, things that are hard to mess up. I can make a decent loaf of sandwich bread but not much else that involves yeast. I've tried to make brioche dough based on other cookbooks' recipes many times and probably failed 4 times out of 5 - very frustrating for something that takes all day!

I like that she has such extensive troubleshooting hints to So you don't really read a cookbook, but I am enjoying this one a lot. I like that she has such extensive troubleshooting hints to help you figure out what you're doing wrong. While we've been snowbound I've done so much cooking that I'm not really ready to go back into the kitchen right now, but I am marking recipes for later. Jul 02, Marilyn rated it liked it Shelves: reference-and-pick-up-reading. This long-awaited book is a huge disappointment for me. It is a how-to of basic elements and suggestions for assembling them for various results from everyday to spectacular.

The sometimes finicky techniques always work. This is just another "do it exactly as I say and it will turn out like the picture. Sep 13, Kylie Briggs rated it really liked it Shelves: cooking. Luxury oatmeal cookies- 4. The cookies are my new favorite oatmeal cookie. Mud Turtle Pie - 4 stars - super delicious Cream Cheese Butter Cake with Lemon Curd Buttercream - easier than it sounds, bright and tangy buttercream and I am so glad that Rose is the one who ended up guiding me through making my first curd!

Dec 28, Katia rated it it was ok. Got this from the library, and I sure am glad that I did. I haven't fallen in love with anything that I have made out of it; some of the components are delicious but put together they don't make sense or are overly sweet. Glad I didn't spend actual money on this. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Rose Levy Beranbaum. Rose Levy Beranbaum. Rose Levy Beranbaum is an award-winning American baker and cookbook author. Books by Rose Levy Beranbaum. Trivia About The Baking Bible. No trivia or quizzes yet.

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